Headliners: 65DAYSOFSTATIC

65daysofstatic by Danny Payne, bee and rose fest leeds

Mindblowing, constantly innovating and always prepared to break boundaries, genres; all preconceptions. Bee and Rose Fest is ecstatic and over the (super)moon in announcing the first headliner: 65DAYSOFSTATIC!

Experimental rock music has many proponents. But, few can claim to be pioneers in both fully forming the genre and continually renewing the raft of possibilities open to it. Fewer bands still hail from Yorkshire (!).

65daysofstatic’s meteoric rise to prominence through cult and mainstream classic albums.

It all begins in 2004 with The Fall of Math, followed quickly by One Time for All Time (2006) and The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007). These three incredible albums saw 65days carve out a significant space in the music scene — right across of a host of genres.

Post rock, electronic/instrumental and (as divisively argued by some fans) math rock – are elements combined by 65days to create their unique sonic experiences.

Further success followed with seminal album like We Were Exploding Anyway (2010) and the vastly underrated Wild Light (2013).

65dos kept pushing boundaries, casually unveiling a stark, alternative movie score for Silent Running*.

*=(Silent Running is a kinda-nihilistic 1970s sci-fi film about cultivating life on a space station. Dead good.)

As if that wasn’t dystopian-cool enough, this unique experience was soon matched and excelled. No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe, the band’s last full (traditional? Can we call it that?) album, which flipped the book in terms of songwriting. No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe waswritten for the now platinum-selling Sony PS4 and PC indie video game, No Man’s Sky. Matching the way environments are made in the game, 65days’ soundtracking effort is also an ethereal, procedurally-generated masterpiece.

The band have most recently embarked on an ambitious, real-time code and algorithmic music-generation tour.

Decomposition Theory, was a groundbreaking and never-to-be-repeated tour. Spawning in late 2018 to a wide-eyed and happily dazed noise/post rock/punk/electronica/experimental fanbase – 65daysofstatic continued to enthrall those looking for something different; and an audience which they can uniquely call their own.

Catch 65daysofstatic at Bee & Rose Fest, Saturday 6th July 2019!