Here at Bee & Rose fest we’re all about shining a light on the wonderful and eclectic artists on our bill. From the headliners to the openers, you can find out all about each act playing below, as well as where to find their music. Let’s begin.

Bee and Rose Fest 2019 65daysofstatic


Experimental rock music has many proponents, but few can claim to be pioneers in both fully forming the genre and continually renewing the raft of possibilities open to it. Fewer still hail from Yorkshire (!). 65daysofstatic’s meteoric rise to prominence through cult and mainstream classic albums such as 2004’s The Fall of Math, One Time for All Time (2006) and The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007) saw them carve out a significant space in the music scene across of a host of genres during the last decade. Such genres include (most definably) post rock, electronic/instrumental and – as divisively argued by some fans, math rock.

Further success followed with their seminal albums We Were Exploding Anyway (2010) and the vastly underrated Wild Light (2013), displaying the continuing and diverse nature of the band’s sound.
65dos kept pushing boundaries, unveiling a stark movie score for Silent Running, followed up with the procedurally generated triumph No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe (2016, as written for the platinum selling PS4 and PC indie video game, No Man’s Sky).

Following what is probably the world’s first best-selling example of a procedurally generated pop soundtrack, the band have most recently embarked on an ambitious, real-time code and algorithmic music generation tour. Entitled Decomposition Theory, this innovative series of groundbreaking and never-to-be-repeated performances spawned in late 2018 to a wide-eyed and happily dazed noise/post rock/punk/electronica/experimental fanbase – one which they can uniquely call their own.

65daysofstatic will be joining us straight from their performance at EXIT festival in Serbia!

For fans of: 65daysofstatic.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Air Traffic

In the same breath as Coldplay, Guillemots and Doves, the good guy four-piece Air Traffic simultaneously managed to score a loyal-as-fuck following, achieve cult status, write emotional hits that stood up on the A-playlist with ease in the mid to late 00s – but somehow stay under the radar enough to never lose their edge.

When we first announced Air Traffic playing Bee & Rose Fest, genuinely lovely comments based on fond gig memories started flowing to our inboxes across various social media – which says it all, really.

As such, at Bee & Rose Fest you’ll be being treated to a hefty festival helping of Air Traffic, who are still riding high after a sold out, 10-year-anniversary tour of their album, Fractured Life. We’re looking forward to hearing some of the hits – and some of their fresh tracks. Don’t miss out.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Civil Protection

Hailing from Huddersfield and York, but based in Leeds, Civil Protection carved out a niche as one of Yorkshire (and indeed the UK’s) emerging Instrumental/post-rock talents.

A string of EPs and online releases was followed up by the band’s debut record ‘Stolen Fire’ in late 2013.   Following a brief hiatus, the band are back and looking to expand on a record that has stood the test of time as a cult record within the genre.

Heading to Bee & Rose fest for a rare live outing, the return to the stage brings back on of genres brightest prospects.

For fans of: Slint, Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, MONO, Caspian, This Will Destroy You

Civil Service band Manchester

Civil Service

Civil Service formed from the ashes of two of the Manchester DIY alt-rock and alt-indie scene’s most articulate acts. Few would have guessed the disparate word-smiths and guitar-hook enthusiasts from President Ray Gun & WMR would collide in a maelstrom of post-rock vigour… and some still don’t! Yet, Civil Service are to attempt more than 2 songs per release, but each release has seen them grow into stronger, better-rounded examples of an emerging Mancunian post-rock movement.

For fans of: 65daysofstatic, Alcest, MONO, Explosions in the Sky.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Cory & Kirsty Call

Arliss Nancy enjoy a healthy rep in the US Rock and Roll & Punk scenes. Acclaimed albums Simple Machines, Wild American Runners and Greater Divides sees them touring extensively across North America and Europe.

Cory has since relocated, swapping the stars and stripes for the continent with gold stars-on-blue and is now performing with Little Teeth, Dollars for Deadbeats. Cory embarked on a European tour with wife Kirsty Call. Together, they bring their brand of captivating heartland rock and punk blues magic to venues across Germany, Scotland & Ireland.

For Fans of: Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, Signals Midwest.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Erica Freas

Some of you may know Erica from her days co-fronting cult gender & socio-political equality proponents RVIVR.

Raucous, sweat-tumbling punk shows, driven by perfectly weighted duel-harmonies screamed as loud back by the audience as they are screamed from the band.

2010’s self-titled debut LP set the tone for a new generation of punk-rock kids finding their way in the world. 2013’s The Beauty Between & 2014’s Bicker & Breathe EP established RVIVR as cult heroes of the scene. Whilst the band may find themselves spread over continents and time-zones, they’ve continued to draw crowds across Europe; and Erica returns to Leeds following RVIVR’s well received show in Leeds’ Wharf Chambers last year.

Some of you may know Erica from her, now well established, solo career, which is now 2 EPs, 2 albums, a live record – and counting. 2012’s Belly gave us our first glimpse at Erica on her own; and provided a formative guide to the building blocks of her sound.   When on her own, Erica lovingly restructures RVIVR classics into a soft-punk echo of their former incarnations, as well as bringing a raft of original, powerful and imaginative material to her sets.

For fans of: RVIVR, Camp Cope, Hot Tears, Latterman, Iron Chic

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

False Advertising

They’re the full package. Great tunes, great band, ridiculously great artwork all the time for everything they create: False Advertising aren’t doing themselves any favours by calling themselves False Advertising. But then – maybe they are? If only we were cool enough to understand!  

Anyway, Manchester’s best and brightest grunge/alt-rock trio False Advertising have been tearing up the Manchester DIY scene for the last 4 years, growing a ravenous and loyal fanbase. They released their self-titled debut in 2015 to critical acclaim and then followed that up with stellar performances at SXSW and Robert Smith’s infamous Meltdown Festival.

FalseAds join us at Bee & Rose Fest in the build up to their 2000trees debut later in July.

For fans of: Drenge, Nine Black Alps, Blood Red Shoes.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

The Joy Formidable

Formed in Yr Wyddgrug (Mold), Flintshire, Wales; The Joy Formidable have seized British alternative rock – infused some of the stand-out elements of experimental, Shoegaze and post-rock – and set the genre in a brand new landscape.

From the formative steps of A Balloon Called Moaning, the band’s 2009 debut 8 song EP – through to their latest full length record Aaarth (2018), the band have laid a blueprint for modern alt-rock; captivating riffs, driving rhythm, vocal patterns that cut through the sonic space and a surging wall of noise that pushes the listener back on their heels – it’s a pattern that has served the band well for over a decade.

Whether it be the devastating hooks of Austere, Whirring, Cradle & The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade – the breakout hits of The Big Roar; the fierce singalongs of Cholla, Silent Treatment & This Ladder is Ours from 2012s sophomore record Wolf’s Law; cult classics Liana & The Last Thing on My Mind from 2016’s Hitch – or – the visceral power of Y Bluen Eira, Cicada (Land on Your Back) & The Better Me from latest release Aaarth; The Joy Formidable have established themselves as that rarest of things in modern music; a band capable of the biggest hits; whilst producing fully formed standalone pieces of beauty with each record.
In an era born from the Shuffle and Random playlists, The Joy Formidable command your attention from the first whirring note to the last decay of each record.

As great as the band are on record; it is in the live environment where they truly accel. Ritzy, Rhydian & Matthew have earnt a firm reputation as a group leading the current generation of alt-rock bands on the live circuit; both on home soil and most impressively, across the United States and further afield.

They’re no strangers to playing everywhere from secret gigs in abandoned swimming pools to performing 20 metres from Snoop Dogg at Chicago’s Riot Fest; the consistent factor is that The Joy bring the hits, rip through the crowd and ultimately; bring the Joy.


For fans of The Joy Formidable

Liela Moss

Liela Moss commands the stage without even trying – and always, literally, makes it look like the easiest and most casual thing in the world. When people say ‘you have to be there to experience it’, this is exactly what we mean.

Last year, Liela wowed critics and muso fans alike with her vocal dexterity in solo effort My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth. As it turns out, you can be the relief melody over the gritty, proper indie rock that demands leather jackets and a passive interest in smoking AND be the ephemeral, sweeping voice for within the soundscape of a more dramatic, dream pop sound.

Fresh from a support tour with Idlewild, as well a gracing more festival stages up these ‘ere neck of t’woods, Liela Moss will be one of the biggest draws for the first ever Bee & Rose Fest this summer. Yes, we’re pretty excited too!

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Maggie Thatcher’s Rotting Corpse

Mysteriously little is known about the brutal, visceral and extremely provocative M.T.R.C.

To their fans, they are a one band battering ram against Brexit. To their detractors they are the mouthy scourge of the Red Tops, a shocking affront to Britishness – and frankly for once in this political landscape; both sides are correct.

Deeply rooted in the British punk tradition, with a cheeky slice of Generation Terrorists’ Manics to boot (and the balaclavas to match) – this is arguably the best band name on the bill. And as it turns out, they have the anti-Tory anthems to back up the gloriously notorious hype.

For fans of: Manic Street Preachers, Sex Pistols, The 1919, Rio Goldhammer

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

October Drift

Word of the promise of October Drift has spread around the UK indie and alternative rock scenes for a couple of years, following the release of 2016 EPs This Is Nowhere – and – Stranger Days.

Immediately recognisable from their stand-out O/D logo, featured on all their artwork (and strong merchandise game); and with a name that gives an air of the heritage of British shoegaze heavyweights in which the band took their first formative steps – October Drift continue to go from strength to strength.

Career highlights seem to come thick and fast for the Taunton quartet, whose initial cult following based on energetic and engaging live reviews spilled over into mainstream recognition with break-though sets at Glastonbury in 2017, repeat performances at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.   Two new singles have followed, along with UK and European tours with Editors, and a host of festival dates lined up for summer 2019.

The band have also been hard at work in their purpose built studio, laying down the foundations for their debut LP with Justin Lockey (Mastersystem / Minor Victories / Editors).

The record promises to be a stand-out piece in an area of the current music scene crying out for the original and direct sound cultivated by the band so far.

October Drift join us on the mainstage, underneath Air Traffic, and 65daysofstatic, on what promises to be a diverse and anthemic bill.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Sam Forrest

Sam Forrest is Yorkshire’s answer to Dave Grohl. No, really! Nevertheless, after borrowing a red rose in place of the white one as frontman of Manchester-based Nine Black Alps, Sam helped bring grunge to a new generation. Now, grunge in the mid-2000s really was not the done thing at a time when the rest of the musical landscape was swept up in Strokes-era indie. However – and thankfully – Nine Black Alps stepped forward to remind us we were Unsatisfied…(let us have that one).

The band went on to release 5 albums in a decade, establishing themselves as the inspiration of a new northern grunge scene in this decade (see: Drenge, False Advertising et. al). Since 2008, Sam has released also 6 solo albums, as well as having toured with his other bands The Sorry Kisses and latest project Sewage Farm. Sam has also featured on recent tours with experimental post-rock band, Amusement Parks on Fire.

For fans of: Nine Black Alps, Milk Maid, Gomez.

Stage: TBC

Time: TBC

Scared Hares perform the songs of Scott Hutchison

Scared Hares are a collective formed from artists who performed at 2018’s Manchester Remembers Scott Hutchison tribute evening, in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). The evening was a big success and helped make a few tiny changes to the Manchester music scene.

Jacob Cordingley (Narwhals), Adam Rhys Carpenter, members of Civil Service and some special guests unite to celebrate the musical legacy of the iconic Frightened Rabbit, Owl John & Mastersystem front-man.

The performance promises to encompass a career-spanning set of emotionally charged sing-alongs from across Scott’s illustrious back-catalogue.

The performers will be donating their fee to the Scott Hutchison Fund.

For fans of: Frightened Rabbit, Owl John, Mastersystem, The Fruit Tree Foundation, PAWS, The Twilight Sad, Narwals, Adam Carpenter

William McCarthy of Augustines

(We Are) Augustines burst from their roots in Brooklyn, New York to find themselves a sleeper hit across the world. The evocative and engaging nature of Augustines (and their enigmatic predecessors Pela); the open, confessional and honest sources opened up to the bands’ permanent extra member – their devoted audience; all added up to a heady mix destined for greatness.

Rise Ye Sunken Ships is one of the most emotionally raw and heartbreaking albums of the decade. The story behind it is so powerful it has lead to a feature film; RISE: The Story of Augustines (Directed and Produced by Todd Howe, The Boxer Rebellion).  

2014’s self-titled Augustines saw the band continue to develop the wealth of material, discussing some of the most challenging subjects broached by the current wave of like-minded musicians; tracks such as Kid Your On Your Own place the listener straight into McCarthy’s shoes – and we walk together through his childhood streets, through Brooklyn in the rain and join his search for home.

Alas, all good things must come to an end; for Augustines, it was a story that concluded in triumph with third album This is Your Life; an album further exploring even more diverse themes drawing on Billy’s experiences within music, working with the more marginalised in society – Are We Alive perfectly capturing what Augustines are to their fans. The curtain fell at the end of European tour, in the o2 Academy in Liverpool.

Without missing a step; William was writing a book and heading out on a packed out book tour and reminding us all there’s

William McCarthy never stops pushing forward though; his 2017 debut solo record Shelter saw an atypical approach to stripping back the Augustines sound into a niche of his own. The shared characteristics continue to bind an adoring fanbase, whilst reaching out to a wider audience.
The set promises a full career-spanning retrospective, faithful to fans of Billy, new and lifelong.

For Fans of: Augustines, Pela, Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, Frightened Rabbit, Owl John.